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HPHT Lab-grown Diamond

HPHT lab-grown diamonds are cultivated through high-temperature and high-pressure technology that completely simulates the growth environment and mechanism of natural diamonds. HPHT diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, and a more permanent and brilliant fire.The environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds is only 1/7th of that of mined natural diamonds, making it a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics for environmentalists and art lovers alike!

Advantages of HPHT Lab-Grown Rough Diamond::
  • As the world’s leading manufacturer of superabrasives with more than thirty years of technology, Can provide rough HPHT lab-grown diamond precisely according to customer needs at any time.
  • By using leading material technology and equipment process technology, Achieves the highest standards for each product in the industry.
  • As a designated supplier to World Top 500 companies,the Brand has become a guarantee of quality and reputation.